So what are we exactly? Like explained above, we are a region committed to the creation of World Peace within all regions of the world. After all of the turmoil, I discovered that the "time where everyone will be friends" was not coming even close. There was not even a slim chance of it so I decided to create it.

We encourage you to be a part of this committee :) We all love peace, we all want it. 

Once you have joined, please change your classification to the following United Regions' supporters so that we can send you on missions to negotiate with other regions. By negotiating I do not mean like for upcoming invasions; which we don't want, I meant constructing embassies and forcing them to if they don't accept the first time.

We will also have elections for WA delegates monthly. There are currently 5 parties; The Aggressives, The Calms, The  Tryers, The Slackers, and The Independents. You will get placed in one of the 5 parties on the way you chat, the way you make bills, and the way you plan.

The Aggressives will probably invade other regions to get "peace" with them. So.... this isn't the most popular choice of ruling. But it happens.

The Calms will slooooowly achieve world peace by using nice ways such as helping each other out. A nice party for the serious peacemaker.

The Tryers will do anything but invade others to achieve world peace. They are highly tenacious and may become annoying at times. A pretty decent choice that gets elected sometimes.

The Slackers will try to get peace but not work that hard. They will often lack the ability to send out nations for missions. Although this seems like a bad choice, slackers are hard thinkers and get elected often. So they're not that much of "slackers"...

The Independents are people who do not fit into any other of the categories above. They may be a good choice but not many people get into this party.