This is the first post ever on this "forum". Although wikia is not meant for forums and stuff, I find it easy to use and not slow at all. ALL YOU NEED TO DO HOWEVER, IS CREATE AN ACCOUNT FIRST, WHICH CAN BE DONE HERE.

Also, when you are typing a forum, unless you know CSS code like me, it is unnecessary to be on source mode when you are editing. Please stay on Visual mode for it is easier to use.

If you would like to create an Internal link, please look at figure 1. As it is shown here, to create a link, you must replace 'Page Title' with your page name. For a working example, take a look at figure 2. Remember, the links are case sensitive. 

 [[ Page Title]]

figure 1

[[User blog:Danielpox/The First Post evar! Need help? Read me!]]
this would turn out as
User blog:Danielpox/The First Post evar! Need help? Read me!

figure 2

Do not troll on this forum. You will recieve a 40 day IP ban. 

The rest, I feel I do not feel I don't need to discuss. Please enjoy your visits here!